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Cognitive behaviour therapy sunshine coast was developed in the 60s by Dr Aaron Beck and is known as the gold standard treatment of choice for numerous mental health disorders, such as depression, anxiety, trauma and adult eating disorders. It has been rigorously tested with most mental health conditions and has shown very good outcomes. It is a method of therapy that most psychologists are trained in throughout their studies, so will likely be used in your sessions.

Cognitive behaviour therapy sunshine coast spends a significant amount of time providing education and knowledge to clients about their disorder and how their illness or difficulties function. It addresses the relationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviours with the goal of creating positive change. By focusing on unhelpful thinking styles and changes one’s behaviour, CBT helps people to challenge negative thinking in order to improve their mood. It encourages people to really test out their way of thinking to see, if in fact, there is any truth or if it is a distorted view of the mind.


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